Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities

Health status and quality of life are determined by more than genetics and personal behaviors. Many factors play a role in determining health. Social and economic systems and conditions in which we are born, raised, and age – the safety and cleanliness of our physical environment, our access to safe and affordable housing, our access to nutritional foods, our social and emotional connections to our family and community, and our ability to access education, health care and social services – all play a part in our health status.

Unfortunately, some people and populations are socially, economically, environmentally or geographically disadvantaged, lacking the money, jobs, education, access, and services that others have. Disadvantaged people are likely to experience health inequities – higher rates of disease, injury, disability, violence, inability to achieve optimal health, and premature death – that might be preventable.

Healthy Communities efforts address multiple factors that determine health. Chelan-Douglas Health District partners with community-based organizations, educational institutions, policy makers, businesses, healthcare professionals and the general community on community health efforts. By working as collaborative partners, we increase the likelihood of regional successes.

CDHD Healthy Communities partnerships focus on policy changes, community design, and educational efforts that support the health of the community, including:

  • Preventing and reducing chronic diseases
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Increasing access to healthy foods
  • Supporting early childhood development and early intervention
  • Developing trauma-informed communities
  • Reducing teen pregnancy rates
  • Supporting the safety and well-being of older adults
  • Supporting communication pathways between consumers, healthcare providers, and consumer health information

Targeted activities are selected and prioritized based on regional and state data, identified gaps in policies or services, access to evidence-based solutions, and community input.

Teen Pregnancy Resources

Confluence Health-Maternity Support Services– Serves pregnant women to 2 months post-partum and infants 3 months-1 year. Services

Catholic Charities-Parents and Teachers – Serves pregnancy to 5 years

Chelan Douglas Child Services Association – Early Head Start program from prenatal to 3 years.

Pathways to Parenting – Parent Child Assistant Program (P-CAP). Pregnant, post-partum up to 24 months.

Chelan Douglas Health District- Nurse Family Partnership – Pregnancy to 2 years. For first-time mothers.

TOGETHER! For Youth -TOGETHER! for Youth provides free parenting classes as well as additional services for youth and young adults.

NEAR Science / Trauma-Informed Communities

Chelan Douglas Health District is an active partner on regional education efforts on NEAR Science (the study of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, ACEs and Resilience) and supporting development of trauma-informed communities and schools, working collaboratively with the Coalition for Children and Families of North Central Washington, the North Central Early Learning Collaborative, the Autism Collaborative and Parent2Parent.

Learn More

CDC: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

WA DPH Resources: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

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