Salmonella Infections in Washington linked to Fratelli Beretta Italian-Style Meats

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East Wenatchee, WA – Public health officials advise Washington State residents not to consume  Fratelli Beretta Antipasto Gran Berretta purchased from Costco.  

Chelan-Douglas Health District is working with state and federal public health partners in an ongoing  Salmonella outbreak investigation that has infected 47 people in 22 states, including five (5) in  Washington State. As part of the investigation, The United States Centers for Disease Control and  Prevention (CDC) advises consumers to stop eating the following products:    

• Busseto brand Charcuterie Sampler sold at Sam’s Club. This product contains prosciutto,  sweet soppressata and dry coppa. There are no Sam’s Club store locations in Washington  State. 

• Fratelli Beretta Antipasto Gran Beretta sold by Costco. This product contains black pepper  coated dry salami, Italian dry salami, dry coppa and prosciutto and is sold as a two-pack.  

Five Washington residents became ill with Salmonella infections associated with this outbreak in  December of 2023. Four out of the five Washington cases report consuming Fratelli Beretta brand  Antipasto Gran Beretta sold at Costco, prior to illness.  

According to Washington State Department of Health, Costco members may return Fratelli Beretta  Antipasto Gran Beretta product with a “Best By” date prior to June 13th 2024 for a full refund.  

Our recommendations: 

• Check your fridge for recalled products. Do not eat them. Throw them away or return them  to where you bought them. 

o Wash surfaces and containers that may have touched the recalled product using hot  soapy water or a dishwasher. 

• Contact your healthcare provider right away if you have any of these severe Salmonella  symptoms: 

o Diarrhea and a fever higher than 102°F 

o Diarrhea for more than 3 days that is not improving

Phone: (509) 886-6400 | Fax: (509) 886-6478 | Always Working for a Safer and Healthier Community 

o Bloody diarrhea 

o So much vomiting that you cannot keep liquids down 

o Signs of dehydration, such as: 

• Not peeing much 

• Dry mouth and throat 

• Feeling dizzy when standing up 

Symptoms can last 4 to 7 days and usually resolve on their own with fluids and rest. Children younger  than 5 years, adults 65 years and older, and people with weakened immune systems may experience  more severe illnesses that require medical treatment or hospitalization. 

Chelan-Douglas Health District is committed to working with the Washington State Department of  Health to ensure the health and safety of the public.  


• Washington State Department of Health foodborne outbreak page 

• Salmonella Facts, 

• Salmonella, CDC 

• USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service 

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Phone: (509) 886-6400
Fax: (509) 886-6478
Always Working For A Safer And Healthier Community

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