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Veronica Farias
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East Wenatchee, WA - Chelan-Douglas Health District is urging parents to make sure their kids’ immunizations are up-to-date before heading back to school this fall.

Students could be excluded from schools if there is an outbreak of a disease they are not immunized against. See all required vaccinations for K-12, child care and preschool.

All immunization records turned in to schools or child care centers are required by state law to be medically verified. Examples of medically verified immunization records:

  • A completed Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) signed by a health care provider. Find the CIS form by visiting under “Certificate of Immunization Status”.
  • A CIS filled out by you or another parent/guardian with medical records attached.
  • A CIS from the Washington State immunization System printed by a health care provider or school.
  • A CIS from MyIR, a free Department of Health online tool that allows families to view and print official immunization records. Go to to begin the sign-up process.

For the 2021-2022 school year, all students from grades 7–12 must have had one dose of the Tdap vaccine.

  • For students in 7th and 8th grade, the Tdap vaccine must be given at or after age 10.
  • For students in 9th to 12th grades, the Tdap vaccine must be given at or after age 7.

Students ages 12 and older are eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. Getting your child vaccinated against COVID-19 will help protect others who are not eligible, including children under 12. People who are vaccinated are not only protected, but vaccines can help keep people with no symptoms from spreading COVID-19 to others.

The Childhood Vaccine Program provides vaccines at no cost to kids younger than 19. Parents should be aware that health care providers might charge an office visit fee. By law, no child can be turned away from a recommended vaccine by their regular health care provider because the family cannot pay.

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