Wildfire Smoke & Unhealthy Air Quality

Veronica Farias
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East Wenatchee, WA – Public health officials urge Chelan and Douglas County residents to stay indoors due to wildfire smoke and unhealthy air quality conditions.

As of 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 12, the Washington’s Air Monitoring Network read “UNHEALTHY” levels of air quality throughout Chelan, Leavenworth, Cashmere and Wenatchee.

According to the Washington Air Quality Advisory, “UNHEALTHY” air quality means: everyone, especially sensitive groups, should limit time spent outdoors, avoid strenuous activities outdoors and choose light indoor activities. Sensitive groups include:

  • People with health conditions such as asthma, COPD, diabetes and other heart/lung diseases;
  • People with respiratory illnesses and colds;
  • Stroke survivors;
  • Children under 18 and adults over 65;
  • Pregnant women; and
  • People who smoke.

Wildfire smoke can cause serious health problems. If you are experiencing serious symptoms, please seek medical attention. Symptoms related to poor air quality include: watery or dry eyes, coughing/wheezing or throat/sinus irritation, shortness of breath, headaches and irregular heartbeat or chest pain.

The best way to protect your and your family’s health during poor air quality conditions is to limit time spent outdoors and follow these steps to improve indoor air quality:

  • Keep windows and doors closed to avoid smoky air from coming inside;
  • Avoid bringing outdoor air inside by setting air conditioner(s) to “recirculate”;
  • Avoid adding indoor air pollution and do not vacuum, use candles, or smoke;

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