Recreational Water Illness

Recreational Water Illness

Swimming pools, spas, lakes, rivers, or oceans are all potential sources of water recreation illness. Recreational water illnesses typically affect a person’s stomach and intestines, skin, or respiratory system.

The most common recreational water illnesses are:

2. Giardia

More information on recreational water illness can be found on the Washington State Department of Health website.

If you think you have a recreational water illness that needs medical attention, contact your health care provider. Providers should report suspected recreational water illnesses to the Health District at (509) 886-6400.

Though swimming is a popular sports activity with many health benefits, swimming-related illness in the US is on the rise. In a fun-filled reminder, experts show you how to keep your family healthy and safe when you get ‘In the Swim of Things’ this summer. The main culprit: a chlorine-resistant parasite known as Cryptosporidium.

In The Swim Of Things

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