Public Pool & Spa Permits

Public Pool & Spa Permits

Whether you dog paddle or do an elegant backstroke, swimming can be fun and we all know it’s good for you.  However, swimming and other water-related activities can lead to the spread of diseases and injuries if precautions aren’t taken.  The Chelan-Douglas Health staff work to keep swimming a healthy and safe activity by permitting and inspecting all Chelan and Douglas County public recreational water facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and water parks.  Each facility is inspected for safety a minimum of once per year.  The Chelan-Douglas Health District enforces the Water Recreation Facilities Rules set forth in the Washington Administrative Code 246-260

Inspections focus on insuring proper pool or spa chemistry is maintained to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses. Physical facilities are inspected for proper safety equipment in case of an emergency, proper construction to reduce accidents, and proper pool surveillance and doors, gates, and enclosures to prevent unsupervised entry by minors.

Single-family homes are not regulated by the Health District, but must follow city and/or county building code requirements.

If you have a question about pool or spa safety or permitting in Chelan and Douglas Counties please contact us via email or call us at (509) 886-6400.  If you have a concern about a public pool or spa, please click here to Report a Complaint and staff will address your concern.

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