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Septic Systems and Land Development

Septic Systems

See Designers List to find a listing for Certified Septic System Designers and/or Engineers.

See the Installers List to find a licensed Installer.
What do you need to do to become a licensed installer?

Operation & Maintenance of Onsite Sewage Systems 

The Washington Administration Code, Chapter 246-272A-0270 details homeowner maintenance responsibilities.  

Operation and maintenance (O & M) is about on-site sewage systems (OSS) functioning properly and being cared for correctly. In order for an OSS to continue to function properly, care must be taken by those responsible for it. Proper monitoring, correct operation and maintenance are the responsibility of the OSS owner.

Who can Perform an Evaluation of My OSS?

  • OSS evaluations must now be done by a licensed O&M Specialist. See the list of O&M Providers List licensed providers quallified to perform Operation and Maintenance on your septic system.
  • A Report is completed at the time of the evaluation by the O&M Specialist.

When do I need an OSS Evaluation?

  • Once every three years for conventional gravity systems (systems consisting of only septic tank and drain field)
  • Annually for all other systems unless specified otherwise by the manufacturer.

Who can Pump My Septic Tank?

  • See the Pumpers List to find a listing of Pumpers in Chelan and Douglas Counties.