Chelan Douglas Health District

           Always Working For a Safer and Healthier Community

Communicable Diseases                                                            


CD Case Reporting Call 886-6417 or 886-6400.

For after hours, Friday and weekend public health emergency reporting call 886-6499. Disease investigation and follow up for preventive measures. Public information regarding communicable diseases or outbreaks. Presentations are available for Groups on topics like MRSA, Hepatitis, or West Nile Virus 


Tuberculosis (TB)     Policies and Procedures Resources


Services offered include Testing, Treatment, and Case Management Prevention and information services.  

TB Case Reporting call 886-6464 or 886-6400




          Services are provided by the Spokane AIDS Network of Wenatchee   Call 886-6414 

Case management services are available for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. A nurse will help you with medication, medical and /or dental care access, as well as other social service referrals.


  i know.jpg    HIV care in the United States



Sexually Transmitted Disease  (STD) The Health District participates in surveillance and partner notification. Anyone sexually active is at risk for getting an STD, or STI (sexually transmitted disease or infection).

One out of every four Americans contract an STI in their lifetime. You are at a higher risk if you:

Have sex with an infected partner
Have more than one sexual partner
Change partners often
Have sex with someone who had many sexual partners

Early diagnosis and treatment of STIs is very important. So is talking with your partner.